Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amethyst...Hidden Magical Properties

Ah...Amethyst, a mystical energy.  Such wonder of an incredibly magical stone...But what magic does it really hold?  

I mean, many would look at it as just some kind of rock! However, if you look closely and discover it's true purpose and energetic powers, it will open up a whole new world for you, literally.

This incredibly beautiful purple crystal is both receptive and protective.  It's aligned with your crown chakra; connecting you to the spiritual realm through the element of water, specifically the mystery and tranquility of deep water. Opening you up to your own personal psychic awareness which flows naturally through all of us but we have a tendency to ignore intuition, our gift from God, our internal compass.

Though dreams we are guided for answers in life, if we dive deep. Amethyst will aid in clear dream manifestation; drawing in love, luck and awareness of one's true self.  

Protecting with it's powerful energy to guard against negative influences and against psychic attack, transmutting the energy of love and protecting it's wearer of all kinds of harm and stress.  

When you read Indian Summer, Amethyst comes into Raine's life with a specific purpose.  Can you follow the connective path in which he leads her through Eden?  This powerful claw and amethyst crystal talisman given to Raine has a deep message.

Understanding the magical and powerful energetic properties of the Amethyst crystal will help you uncover the hidden meaning in the novel of Indian Summer.  It's really quite facinating discover.

So if your looking for a novel to give you a mind escape?  Then discover Eden...It's like no other place you've ever been.

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