Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Weekend Affair...with Mr. Grey

Ah….It’s the weekend and nothing helps you escape reality like a good book, right? How about my new book on Amazon?  Check it out...

Well lately I have been so busy with work and school in the evenings studying my nutritional information for my certification that I haven’t even watched my guilty pleasures on TV.  However I did decide to finally read the ever so anticipated story about…50 Shades of Grey.  I was looking for a different type of reality escape and this book filled the need.

I have to say that I haven’t read a book so fast in my entire life!  It’s not that it’s just an easy read it’s the complexity of character and the way it took me back a few years that kept me so enthralled.   22 years ago I had my own little affair with a similar man to Mr. Grey.  He was captivating, sensual and the electricity that we exchanged the moment we met drew us to together instantly.  It’s that energy that you feel when you have a connection with someone that you can’t seem to understand.  It’s a powerful force that is shared by two people which is what I call Soul Energy. 
I imagine that is the same energy that was felt between the two characters, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  Soul Energy is exchanging energy that originates from our souls rather than the body.  It’s an incredible force that when experienced between two people it’s about pleasuring and being pleasured in whatever consensual form it takes. 

Intimate touch involves all the senses. It’s the most engrossing human act we can experience.  I guess that’s what is so alluring to all of these women who have been going absolutely nuts over reading this trilogy.   

It’s also the way that Mr. Grey captivates Ana at every moment she is with him.  She feels completely drained by his energy.  Even though he has a dark secret and has his own demons, which I guess most of us do in one way or another.  He’s also a gentleman, funny, intimidating, controlling, incredibly rich, stylish, sexy, plays piano, flies airplanes, a businessman…let me see…who wouldn’t be captivated by this guy?  He’s the bad boy that every girl falls for and I’m one of them.  Hell he had me at Chapter 5.
I bet when the author wrote this book she had to make a character be something that all woman would desire to attract such a huge following of readers.  That’s the problem boys…woman like a man that is attentive, sexy, controlling and all of the above.  Chilvary is not dead and Mr. Grey delivers on every level.  It’s what is missing in most relationships.  We just don’t want to admit it.

Being an independent woman myself, I could entertain the idea of being submissive to Mr. Grey…
I’ve been doing a little research on who is up for the lead role of Mr. Grey and I’m got two people as my pick.  They have to have all of the qualities to pull this off. 

Alluring Grey Eyes (Check)
Oozing Sex (Check)
Intimidating (Check)
Controlling (Check)
Funny (Check)
Charming (Check)
And the most important …Enigma (Check..Check)

The two actors I pick…
 Ryan Gosling 

Ian Somerhalder

Both of them are capable of playing the role and delivering the character to my satisfaction.  I do believe that Ian has more of the physical qualities than Ryan; however Ryan could possibly win the title by his acting ability.  

I’ve been watching Ryan in different roles from his romantic characters in the Notebook and Blue Valentine, to egotistical, funny and sexy in Crazy Stupid Love to intoxicating in one of his latest movies, Drive where he is masculine and mysterious. 
Ian Somerhalder is great in the Vampire Diaries. He's sexy, mysterious and I just love his sarcasm.  I’ve also heard that he is being very vocal and wants the part.  I can absolutely see him in it.  Those eyes of his are hypnotic and draw you in which is key to this character. Plus he has the chiseled face which is noted in the book.

So as I continue to read this weekend.  I guess my mind will go to both actors as an image I hold in my mind of Mr. Grey.  It’s a fun little fantasy.  One I recommend to all of you women out there.

Sometimes we just need a great escape to ignite the senses. 50 Shades of Gray is the perfect prescription.  It captivates and moves you.  Gets your inner energies flowing and helps brighten your mood, just by reading a book.  Well done EL James…

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DogsMom said...

I visited for the Mad Tea, but enjoyed your writing so much I continued down the page.
I have not yet read the trilogy, but it is waiting near my comfortable chair.

Stormy said...

Oh need to read this for sure. It will change you in some way. Thanks for stopping by...Stormy