Monday, October 24, 2011

Chocolate Cake Shots!

As I've said before, October is my favorite month. It's the beginning of cool weather after a hot summer, the air is crisp and of course, my birthday. I remember in my earlier years I would celebrate my birthday for a week. It was always a running joke with my friends. But these days I just usually have a few people over, cook some dinner and enjoy some cocktails.

Either I make a strawberry cake or my friend Jodi one year made this killer tres leches chocolate cake. But I thought this year, I just don't need that cake. So....we decided to do shots instead! Now my friend Jodi isn't one for drinking much more than beer, but I knew that if I told her these shots would taste like chocolate cake, she was game!

My sister Debbie told me about these shots after she went to Florida this summer. She was raving about it and I knew this would be the perfect thing to serve for my birthday this year.

The crazy thing is that the combination of these ingredients don't sound anything like how a chocolate cake would taste. But when you put them together, its sublime. The look on Jodi's face when she did this shot was priceless. I wish I would have gotten a photo.

These things will knock you on your feet if your not careful. I think we did about 5 of these and by the end of the night I was drinking straight whiskey. (or so they say) Needless to say, by about 2 am, I was thirsty, with a headache and was wishing I had eaten just regular cake!

Don't let my mistake keep you from enjoying this cake and don't over do it. You will love these, I promise. Here's what you will need...

Chocolate Cake Shots

1 Part Vodka (I prefer Kettle One)
1 Part Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
1 Lime Wedge dipped in Sugar

Mix the vodka and Frangelico together, pour into a shot glass. Then shoot it and then bite into the lime wedge dipped in sugar.

When you bite into the lime wedge is when the flavor of chocolate cake comes through. These are addicting.

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mamacita said...

yummie they are awesome!! mama/cita

wicky said...

salute!! mmmmmm