Saturday, September 29, 2012

Key To Success...Full Moon (Harvest Moon) Sept 29, 2012

This weekend is the Harvest Moon - the full moon in September this year of 2012 that is a moon that seems to be bigger, brighter and more colorful than other full moons.  It's tonight, September 29th.

It's also the moon that you should reflect on your journey so far this year, give gratitude to what you have planted in your mind, your goals, your intentions and lessons.  Acknowledging what you have manifested so far this year will help take you closer to your goals.  

Would you like to find the time the full moon rises in your area?  Then click on this link and you can put in your area and it will calculate a full moon calendar for you.

Full Moon Calendar - CLICK HERE

With this full moon you will begin to see how things are starting to take course.  You will experience new opportunities, big things are in store for you.  So be aware of what transpires.

It's also a time to let go of negative things in your life that are holding you back and keeping you from your desires.  Stop dragging them around with you - let it go. Release yourself from the burden and move ahead.

I have a great message to share with you on You Tube.  It's a long video but it's a powerful message.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Magic of Life

Ever wonder where your going? What life has in store for you?  I mean...we just don't have a clue what is around the corner, yet people live in a world where they try to control their future, security, money in the bank, deals lined up, etc.  But what we don't stop and realize that we don't have any idea of what is in store for us, we just have to trust that we know that whatever is coming, we are ready for it, one way or another.

I remember when I was about 20 years old and I couldn't wait to move to Dallas, experience life, what secrets it had to offer.  Being from a small town I was ready for an adventure.  So I packed up my car and moved to big D with - no job, just a few connections. Everyone thought I was crazy, and maybe I was, but I knew that whatever was out there I was ready.

Now at 48 and going on 49 in a couple of weeks...I'm still here.  And I never imagined that my life would have been as adventurous as it was been over the years.

I've loved, been hurt, learned so much in my various careers and gave birth to a beautiful son that is the light of my life.  And I never imagined that when I drove down that highway that my life would have been so full of wonders and turns.  

That's the beauty of it..Life.  You never know what you will get.  

As I reflect on the past few years I realized today that I'm ready for a new adventure, a new chapter and my life is going to giving me new opportunities, connections, friends and experiences.

Have you every stopped to reflect on the magic of your life?  I mean really look at the twists and turns that lead you to different experiences in you life, from romance to adventure,  job opportunities to heart ache and pain.  And where those experiences took you either to new heights or new spiritual awakenings. 

I have a strong intuition pulling at me that life is getting ready to deal me some new magic...and I'm so excited to see what is around the corner.

Are you ready or are you stuck?  Take a minute to reflect, be grateful and be open to change.  It's the process of life.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meditation - The Master Plan

What tools do you use to assist yourself into a meditative state?  

For me - The view from my window at my future house on the beach...

It's always something has to do with the beach.  Because that is where I want to be someday soon.  Just one look at a palm tree, ocean waves, flamingos or beach bungalow and I'm there in the moment, instantly drawn into oblivion and it's all part of the master plan.

The Master Plan - What is yours?  I have mine.  To be in Key West living and working, enjoying the Island life without leaving the US and savoring the fresh sunshine, seafood, history and exotic ocean.  

And one way to help gravitate this master plan into action is to meditate.  Meditate on a variety of things, self improvement, relationships, career path, gratitude, health, friendships, goals and moving to the beach, living on the beach, cooking healthy for clients who want to learn more about incredible ingredients and living my life's passions. 

So find your inspiration, focus on your goals, watch them start to transpire.