Sunday, November 27, 2011

Apache Tears - Grieving Stones

Don’t cry my friend instead seek the healing power of Black Obsidian Stone aka “Apache Tears” a Grief Stone. These stones are very useful, powerful stones that anyone can use. You see, the energy in these stones work within the heart chakra and will assist the emotional body to heal, from old emotional issues. They will bring joy and encourage you to feel more positive about your life. Their energy within the sacral chakra helps to remove any disharmonious energy.

Each gemstone has a purpose and the Apache Tear Drop Stone will bring light that is hidden from the conscious mind. It will dissolve suppressed negative thoughts and patterns and purify them; replacing old negative patterns with new positive attitudes.

Apache Tears are black volcanic glass type crystals (black obsidian) that are small. They are opaque when reflected by the light, but are translucent when held up to the light. Found mostly in Arizona, these stones have been used by many healers.

The positive qualities of these stones are known for bringing good luck to those who carry them and to your business. These stones have strong vibrational energies and they will absorb negativity and cleanse a sacred space.

There is an old saying that one who owns an Apache Tear will never cry again because the Apache woman who grieved and shed their tears for you. The name “Apache Tear” comes from a legend in the 1870’s about the Apaches and the US Cavalry fighting on a mountain overlooking what is now Superior, AZ. The Apaches were facing defeat and were outnumbered, so the Apache Warriors rode their horses off the mountain to their death instead of being killed. When the families heard of the tragedy, their tears turned to stone when they hit the ground.

Since these stones have a superior absorption property, they need to be cleansed periodically by smudging with some sage or leaving them in the light of full moon over night.

This stone is the birthstone of Scorpio and healing stone for all. A great gift for someone you know who is grieving. Something they can carry with them, and put in their hands when they are feeling down.

As always, I hope you enjoyed learning something new and thank you for stopping by…

Many Blessings…


Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Power of Gratitude

Just for a minute, imagine that just by taking a few minutes each day to be thankful for all things in your life, no matter how big or small would bring you more terrific things and more of what you want. Would you believe me? I mean, hey it sounds pretty unbelievable don’t you think?

Well, guess what, I’ve tested this process and it works, not only by bringing more positive things in my life but it has brought me more happiness as well. It’s a simple process really, but the most important part of the process is that it has to be truly heartfelt, authentic and all of your emotions must be channeled while showing gratitude.

If you want to try this then all you have to do is start appreciating all of the things in your life, because when you do, you will be applying the energetic law – The Power of Gratitude. You’ve probably heard the phrase, an Attitude of Gratitude before. Well this simply means that when you shift your emotions, attitude and outlook on life with great appreciation for all of the things in your life, then you will experience a shift in energy and when the Law of Attraction takes force, you will begin to see things change. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual journey, a relationship that you have with your conscious self and your higher self.

Ten years ago I was in a very bad place, my marriage was failing, my job up in the air and I was feeling extremely lost. I struggled really hard, there were times we didn’t have food, I couldn’t pay my bills. It’s was really terrible and I felt as if it would never get any better. That constant thought of how much everything was wrong kept it in my life.

Then five years ago, just after my Dad passed away from cancer, I discovered that applying the law of attraction in various forms would jump start the process of my healing. There were several things that I did that made things start falling into place.

One of the first things I did was rediscover my love for drawing. It was a way to express myself and calm my heart. I would draw anything that came to mind. Things that I loved, was grateful for and one very simple drawing was a picture of my Dad’s house at the lake. There was a swing that my Dad built for my son when he was born. It was one of those old time swings with a large rope and wooden seat that hung from a large branch in a beautiful tree that sat next to the house. I would love to go out on that deck, and watch my son swing. Every time he would swing in that swing, I would feel such appreciation for that simple little swing that my dad made for his first grandchild.

My Dad’s house was so peaceful, it was nestled in the woods up on a hill by the lake and he always had a hummingbird feeder near his home. We would all sit out on the deck, cook out and enjoy a cocktail before dinner. It was always so peaceful sitting there watching those hummingbirds come to feed. My son would run over to the swing and play for hours. He would get his little motorcycles out and run them in the dirt acting as if he was racing his dirt bike.

Every time I see a hummingbird, I think of my Dad. Those were some fond memories and ones that I will cherish forever. So when I drew that simple little picture and stuck it in my drawing book, I didn’t realize at the time that when I would pull that picture out and look at it, that it would instantly bring all of those wonderful warm feelings of appreciation back to me for those moments. It instantly brings me back to that time and place.

What I’m trying to say is that when I look at the picture it triggers an authentic emotion of gratification. I always give thanks for that time with my Dad. It’s a simple thing that worked and it started a process of getting my life in order.

Another thing I did and still continue to do is take a minute every time I’m driving to work and from work to give thanks. In the morning I will speak aloud an appreciation for everything from, thank you for getting me up and feeling good, my paycheck to pay for all my bills on time, a nice moment with my son to being thankful for the team of employees that I have in place that help our business run smoothly and successful.

Each day is a new challenge, but we also are giving little rewards throughout the day that we fail to appreciate. Taking the time to acknowledge those things will attract the tremendous power of appreciation – and more of those same things will come into your life.

Even though I have lost my Dad, I found my relationship with my birth Mother. I would have never imagined that after my Dad’s death that I would be rewarded with such a beautiful time with her. We are more like sisters than Mother and Daughter. We didn’t get to experience that type of relationship but we are definitely soul mates. Sometimes we say we are twins because we are so much a like it’s scary.

Today, my life is so much better, I have a wonderful place to live, a fantastic job, great friends and family. I give my thanks to my beautiful mother and sister. We have had a wonderful year reconnecting and I’m so very grateful for this time in my life.

The Power of Gratitude, when done properly will bring more joy into your life...and soul. Try it – not just for today, on Thanksgiving but each and every day.

Be kind to one another and enjoy your day.

Many more blessings…Stormy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sacred Sage - The Art of Smudging

In keeping with the theme of November being National American Indian Heritage Month, I thought I would share something about the healing power of sage.

There was a time when I was going through a lot of pain and as part of my healing I started performing a Native American Tradition….Sage Smudging. I used it to clean my negative energy and I highly recommend it to everyone. When I start feeling low, stressed out or mad, I light up a small piece of sage and perform a sage smudging ceremony. It works immediately and I feel so wonderful and recharged.

The Spiritual Art of Smudging…What does that mean and how does it benefit me? White Sage or “Sacred Sage” has many healing properties that benefit not only the body but the soul. Native Americans started the tradition of using Sacred Sage to ward off evils spirits and negative energies. This process of smudging is used to seek prosperity and fertility. It is used in rituals to draw money, banish negative energy influences, protection, longevity, immortality and blessing.

The ritual of smudging creates a smoke that attaches itself to the negative energy. As the smoke clears, the negative energy goes with it, releasing it to regenerate into something positive.

If you would like to cleanse a home, personal items and the physical body, begin by lighting the “smudge stick”. Once it is catches fire, gently wave the “flame” to extinguish it. Then gather the smoke with you hand or using ceremonial feather to guide the smoke and draw it to the perimeter of the body. To cleanse a room or living space, begin in the doorway and work in a clockwise direction. Be sure to go around the door frame, all the walls and window frames; particularly in the corners by the ceiling.

When you cleanse your living space, body or items; this will allow for purification and cleansing properties of the sacred sage to make way for new awareness and direction to take place.

Smudge sticks are hand-made and rolled dried white sage, and tightly tied together by yarn or string.

Smudging Prayer

"Negativity that invades my sacred place; I banish you away with the light of my grace. You have no hold or power here. For I stand and face you with no fear. Be gone forever, for this I will say, this is my sacred space and you must obey."

Sage Tea

Someone showed me how to take this tea to lift my spirits when was feeling down and in a dark place. What you do is take about 3 leaves, crumble and break them up and then pour boiling hot water over them. Steep the tea for at least 10 minutes. You can also take this tea if you have congestion, a fever (it will create sweat to break the fever). Drinking the tea and eating the leaves will help cleanse inner negativity. Be sure to only drink one cup in a 24 hour time frame.

To Heal a Headache

If you are suffering from a headache here is a recipe for an ointment to rub on your temples, forehead and between the eyes as a natural pain reliever.

1 Cheesecloth

3 Vitamin E capsules (used as a preservative)

.5 oz Beeswax

1 oz Fresh or Dried White Sage

1 oz Fresh or Dried Eucalyptus

1 oz Fresh or Dried Lavender

8 oz Organic Avocado Oil

In a glass baking dish, add the herbs and oil and bake in the oven for 3 hours at 200 degrees. This will infuse the herbs the oil. Let the oil cool and then strain out the herbs using the cheesecloth. Squeeze the oil from the herbs.

Using a double boiler, and a stainless steel bowl add the oil, bees wax in the steel bowl. Poke a hole in the vitamin E capsule and squeeze out the vitamin oil adding it to the bees wax. Slowly stir on a low heat until it is all melted and mixed together. Remove from the heat and let it sit or about 5 minutes.

While it is still warm, pour the mixture into some empty cleaned cosmetic containers and allow it to cool completely.

I hope you enjoyed these tips about how sage can help heal you. Be thankful and as always....Many Blessings


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Indian Blessing & Pumpkin Seeds

Cherokee Prayer

O Great Spirit, help me always to speak the truth quietly,
To listen with an open mind when others speak,
And to remember the peace that may be found in silence

It's been a busy week in the catering business and I've not had a lot of time to post this week. But I wanted to share with you some Indian wisdom and recipe made with pumpkin seeds that my friends have always enjoyed. November was designated American Indian Heritage Month approved by George W. Bush in 1990 to remind us the contributions the first American Indians made to the establishment and growth of the United States.

"During National American Indian Heritage Month, I call on all Americans to learn more about the history and heritage of the Native peoples of this great land." ~ George W. Bush ~ President, United States of America

In the theme of Thanksgiving upon us....Native Americans introduced pumpkins to the Pilgrims and were an important food source. On Thanksgiving we pay homage with a pumpkin pie but the early Pilgrims would actually cut off the top and scoop out the seeds. The seeds were toasted and eaten as snacks. Then they would fill the pumpkins with spices, eggs, cream and honey. Then put the top back on and bury them into the hot ashes of the cooking fire. When they were done cooking, they would remove the charred pumpkins from the hot fire and open the lid. The filling would be scooped out with the flesh of the pumpkin and it would resemble a nice custard. How good does that sound? YUM.

Pumpkins and their seeds were cherished by Native American Indians both for their nutritional value and medicinal properties. Phytosterols found in the plant help fight cholesterol. A rich source of healthful minerals and protein. Pumpkin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that are widely used to help with arthritis as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Plus help to promote prostate health.

With Thanksgiving upon us we should all take a moment everyday to give thanks. Not just one day of the year. This process of giving thanks opens up the energy to bring more good into our lives...

Chicken with Pumpkin Seed

1 Roasting Chicken
4 cups Chicken Stock, or more if needed
3/4 cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds
8 Black Peppercorns
1/8 teaspoon Cumin Seeds
2 or 3 Tomatillos or you can use Green Tomatoes
3 Serrano Chilies, roasted, peeled and seeded
4 Green Onions
2 cloves Garlic, minced
2 tablespoons Chicken Fat
1 bunch Radish Leaves
2 large Romaine Lettuce Leaves
1 bunch fresh Cilantro

Put whole chicken in a stock pot or Dutch oven and cover with the chicken stock; bring to a simmer. Cover pot and poach chicken just below the simmering point over very low heat or in a very low oven (275 degrees) for 1 hour. Remove chicken from the stock and allow it to cool enough to carve it.

In a hot skillet, toast the pumpkin seeds, peppercorns cumin seeds about 5 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent scorching. Put into a blender and grind fine.

Remove the outer husks from tomatillo and then put them in a pan with cold water to cover; bring to a simmer. Simmer 10 minutes, drain, then add them to the food processor with 1/2 cup of their liquid and blend to a thick, smooth purée.

Chop all the remaining ingredients and add them to the blender. Add chicken stock, if needed, to thin the purée. Pour sauce into the skillet and simmer about 10 minutes to cook off some of the liquid.

Cherokee Prayer

O Great Spirit, help me always to speak the truth quietly,
To listen with an open mind when others speak,
And to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

Thank you for stopping by...
Many Blessings Stormy