Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mad Tea Party Today! Please come in...

The sun was bright and glowing through my window this morning.  It felt so warm and inviting.  Excited to get out and explore, I jumped out of bed and got ready for this gorgeous day.  Got a quick shower, threw my hair in a braid and ate a quick meal.  I'm so excited to see what happens today. 

I’m going to a secret place that I think you will enjoy…

Won’t you join me?
What a wonderful day for a bike ride.  The air is light and crisp; the sun is bright and warm.
I peddled quickly to this mysterious place that I passed the other day.   
I had knocked on the door to see if anyone would open the door.   
A little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes slowly opened the door and said “Please come back on July 28th”. 
I asked her why and she said “Because on that day I will take you to a place that will change your life”.  

Curious as to what that was all about, I couldn’t wait to come back and see!
I arrived at the old house and ran to the top of the stone steps.
I tried to turn the vibrant amethyst crystal door handle but it wouldn’t move.  So I knocked on the door…
No answer…I bent down and looked through the keyhole.  Wow…What a beautiful magical place that looks like behind that door.  I waited impatiently and then knocked again.  A few seconds later – The door crept open.
There she was, that darling little girl.  “Why Hello” she said with a soft delicate voice.  “So glad you came back to see me today.  Please, let your hair down, relax and come in…” 

I did as she asked and took the braid out of my hair.  My soft curls cascaded down my back as I took off out the braids.  She opened the door and when I looked through, everything was different than it was when I looked through that keyhole.  It was bright and vibrant with lots of clouds floating right in front of me.   It was as if I was walking into heaven.
The most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.  I turned around and the little girl said “Here now, we have to blind fold you for the boat ride.”  Taken back by what she said, before I knew it was I blindfolded and wondering where in the world she was taking me.  
We rode on a boat for what seemed only just a few seconds.  When we arrived she took off my blindfold and it was a spectacular site.  A heart shaped island surrounded by crystal blue water.   “Where are we?” I said “Why we are at Eden” she declared.  “Eden? I’ve never heard of this place before.”  I said softly as I looked around in astonishment. 
“I’m sure you have, you just didn’t realize it really exists and we will show you how it can heal you.”  She said.  “You see, the earth belongs to you.  Discover it and find the hidden treasures of the world.  For God has provided an abundance of natural resources to help heal your heart, nourish your body and transform your soul.”  She said softly as she took my hand and we stepped out onto the beach.  

 “Come follow me…” I walked behind her as she held my hand with her tiny little hands and took me into the forest off the beach.
The forest was so stunning and serene. We crossed over a wooden bridge that pulled us deeper into the forest.  Where could we possibly be going I thought?
As we walked around the bend I spotted the most exquisitely blue lagoon.  The little girl said “I want you to dive into that water and look for the mermaid.”  As I turned to her she was gone…vanished.
  “Oh my, how am I going to ever get out of this place?”  I whispered.  I thought I must be crazy but I dove into the water.  When I opened my eyes, there was a mermaid with a bright orange tail! 
“Come, follow me…” the mermaid said.  I could hear her perfectly under the water.  It was magical. 

We swam through the crystal blue waters and to a glowing cave. 
The mermaid turned to me and said “Now, swim through there and when you come up you will follow the path to a house in the trees.”  

 I swam through the blue waters and gasped for air.  What is going on?  This must be a dream. I thought to myself.

I stepped up onto the waters bank and as I looked up there was a bright light that was beaming down in streams of blue shining on the wings of a fairy.   

This forest was becoming so incredibly magical.   “Hi” the fairy said.  “I’m Jade, and I will lead you to the house in the trees.” 

We walked through the forest and as I gazed around I could see tiny little fairy’s all over the place.  One was hanging out with some little birds.  

 “Oh this can’t be” I said.  “Oh yes, this is real. Come through here.”  She said.
I gazed up and in front of me there was the most incredible tree house I have ever seen.  It glowed in orange, the same color as the mermaid’s tail!  
“Go on dear, go through that door.”  The fairy said.

The doorway was lit up with vibrant fuchsia vines and a cute little kitty was waiting by the door.   I wonder if this kitty is going talk to me, I thought to myself.  I walked up the heavy stone steps and through the door.  
There was a woman dancing in a flowing dress.   She motioned me to come to her.  “Would you like something to drink my dear?” she asked.  “All I would really like a nice cup of tea ” I answered. 
She and turned and said with a sultry southern drawl, “That can be arranged, my dear.”
She poured me a nice cup of tea in a vintage gold scrolled tea cup.  As I looked into the tea it was the same color of the vines on the side of house and I could see the reflection of the trees behind me.
As I sat and sipped my tea, the woman asked me all kinds of questions.  
“How are you feeling my dear?”
“What do you do to take care of yourself?”
“Are you eating the right foods?”
“Do you have any pain in your body?”
“Are you in a happy relationship?”
“Are you close to your family?”
“Do you feel real joy?”
“Do you think you will live a long life?”
With all of the questions swirling around, I had to catch my breath.  “Oh my, I’ve never thought of all these things at one time before.”  I said with panic in my voice.  

 “Well dear, it’s never too late to experience great wellness.  As a matter of fact, that tea you’re drinking is a special kind of tea.”  “A special tea?  What makes this so special besides the color?”  I replied.  “That tea is made from the spirit plant from my tree.”  

 She took my hand and we gazed out the window.  Right in front of the window were mushrooms growing from the wood of the tree.
“Do you see those mushrooms growing by that tree?”  she asked “Yes, I do” I  replied.  “Those are medicinal mushrooms. They are another form of a Spirit Plant.  They hold incredible energy and are used to treat a variety of ailments.   

I know you suffer from a weakened immune system and I made this tea just for you to help make you vibrant again.”  I looked at her in astonishment.  Wow, this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. 

“Spirit plant energy connects deep within us.  Their life force energies invite our bodies and consciousness to harmonize with our energies, entering us into a healing flow.  Their very presence invites and facilitates our deepening of inner sensitivity.  Spirit plants work with healers who in human form, they are teachers, medicine people and healers.  And what the healing plants teach us are their own secrets – where there is sickness in the body or soul, they will heal.”  She added

“These Healers understand that true healing is more than “fixing” a physical ailment. They know that when dis-ease occurs in the body, the essence of a person is misaligned and that to be effective in a returning to health one must reach into the core of the person to bring about a change toward balance. In these modern times this “core essence” of a person is understood in terms of energy. There are meridians or “pathways of light” within our body through which energy flows, the auric field which is the energy body that surrounds our physical body and chakras.  Chakras are energy centers within the body.”  She said. 

 Then she took me to a table with some stunning crystals laid out in a pattern.  “These crystals are laid out in a healing grid.  The energy that flows through these crystals will flow through the energy fields and whatever the intention is to manifest healing, these crystals will help facilitate this process.”  I stood there in awe of what she was saying to me and knew that I was being called to do great things.

“These energy vortexes exchange energy with the external world.  Energy exists everywhere, it can neither be created nor destroyed and manifests as heat, light and movement.  This energy allows healing to take place efficiently and effectively”  She added

“I’m incredibly moved by what you are teaching me.”  I said.  “I want you to go and learn about all of the spirit plants, crystals and resources that God has given us and go teach others of their healing.  Teach them how to cook with using these powerful ingredients from the earth and help show others how to transform their lives.  Tomorrow when you awaken, you will think this is a dream.  But my dear this is for real.  So go on now, help change the world with these secrets. People are dying to be well”  She said and all of the sudden it was dark.

As I looked around I saw a bright light and beautiful pink trees. 
A woman in the water was gazing at me.  “You must …Believe to Receive.”  She said 
I woke up in a sweat.  Oh this was a dream. 

Or is it for real?..


Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely and informative tea party you have given us! We thank you so much for inviting us and taking the time to tell us the secrets of being...we will return often even when a tea party is not going on...
Beth P
Please visit me if you have the time this weekend (Mossberry Cottage)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

That was a great Mad Tea Party post! Your photos and storytelling were wonderful. Hope you will come visit with me, too...

Lisa said...

Thank you for such a lush and magical tea party!!! Just so beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing me along on your healing journey...I had a lovely time...and I do believe...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Party. I love the tree house and the amazing colors. Wonderful. Thank you for all of it. I think that I will write about believing today..
Come visit me too:
Have a lovely day.

Kerstin Bulin said...

Ohhh...this look soooo wonderful...i love was very magical
Have a magical day

EveryOneIsMadHere said...

Super magical ride! Thanks for having me!

Oh won't you please visit me too for some tea!♥-2012/

Sylvia Smiser said...

What a wicked cool tea party adventure! Thanks for having me along! I do hope you will visit me too!

Lynda said...

You are an amazing story teller. What a magical story indeed :) The photos were perfect and went right with the story...amazing!

Dena Miller said...

Magical Indeed!

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Laurie said...

Very enchanting! Please stop by my party if you can! :)

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Beautiful images. I really loved this magical post Stormy.

M. Estes Zywar said...


Your blog is so wonderful and...
just plain magical!
Loved visiting you!

DogsMom said...

Thank you for a wonderful stop on the party trail. Your photos are enchanting and drew me in. I enjoy the way you write (so much I had to read more.)
Wishing you the best with your studies. The world needs people like you. said...

Oh yes!! You must believe to receive!!

Love that!

Also, awesome images and tale, wonderful and mysterious!!

Happy Mad Tea Partying!

♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Tricia said...

Simply magical, thank you for a very precious post. You must believe to receive... wonderful! Definitely writing that down.
Visit my post and you will see how meaningful your post was for me.
Thank you,

A Magical Whimsy said...

Thank you Stormy for this beautiful experience. I believe there is an imbalance because prescription drugs have been changed from their true state most of them being derived from herbs. I would rather take an herbal tincture any day than an anti-biotic. I have been trying to put my body back into its balanced state since being on three different anti-biotics last fall that wrecked havoc on my system. Other things have entered into the picture too, some bites in a wilderness area which I am treating with Teasel tincture and I am slowly seeing results. I know when a body is out of alignment it takes patience to heal it. I will enjoy going to your other blog.
Thank you for wanting to put people 'in touch' with their own aura and who they really are. All of what you talked about makes sense. Our bodies can be one with the earth in order to have joy and peace within ourselves.
Your story here is definitely of a healing nature. Very profound.
Thank you so very much!
I enjoy meeting kindred souls who BELIEVE~
Teresa in California
OH! And thank you for your visit to my Mad Tea Party today too!

Mad Madam Mel said...

What a wonderful adventure, and wise words :)
I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
Mad Madam Mel x

Chelsea said...

What a magical and enchanted party, although i seem to be running late, though please drop by lovely fae being

wicky said...

It took me a minute to come out of the enchanted forest :) I love the way you tell a story, it is so hypnotic! Beautiful story, keep them coming sister! love you xo

Emalina said...

What an exotic tea party, thanks for inviting me :)

Please come have a cuppa at mine:

Linda said...

I had an enchanting time at your tea party and your wonderous story to go along with it. Oh how creative you are. Your photos are wonderful and the special effects were great. I hope that you are able to visit me:

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for inviting me to your tea party!

Stormy said...

Thank you to everyone who stopped by...I'm so glad you enjoyed the tea and learned about me a little bit.

XO Stormy

Stampinmama said...

A wonderful tea party experience thank you so much for all of your hard work--please come by and visit me and my gnomes at Stampinmamas place

Rhissanna said...

Oh how lovely. Such a lovely collection of pictures and such an adventure. Thank you very much for putting this together, and yes, I'd love a cup of tea!

Scrap Vamp said...

Such an amazing and wonderful tea party!!! Everything looks fabulous!

Donna Patrice from Joyfully Donna said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with me - I believe! I believe! Blessings!