Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sacred Love Oil

I've been researching some new ideas for my business and came across an old aromatherapy book that I have cherished for years. Over the past few years of studying various essential oils magical and healing properties I have always been fascinated with the applications of their use. So today I thought I would share a love oil that you might want to make up and keep on hand to attract the one you wish to love and love you back.

When in the presence of your desired love, simply anoint yourself as a personal oil to increase your power of love. Be sure to anoint the area of your heart.

Sacred Love Oil Recipe

2 ounces of Jojoba Oil

7 drops of Rose Oil

3 drops of Jasmine Oil

3 drops of Patchouli Oil

7 drops of Dragon’s Blood Resin Oil (This is what gives this oil it's brilliant red color)

Jasmine – Has an equally seductive appeal to both men and woman. Known as the “king of flowers”, this romantic plant exudes its exquisite aroma mostly at night and must be picked before the morning dew to gain is full beneficial value as an essential oil. An aphrodisiac and plant of love, having been used since ancient times in potions and spells to capture, sustain or rekindle the affection of a loved one. A fragrant emblem of love, it promises deep lasting affection and is among the bridal flowers at Indian weddings.

Patchouli – Is a deep, musky and lingering aroma that is associated with sensuality and spiritual elevation. It has always enjoyed a reputation of being a sexually provocative perfume growing in popularity during the sixties during an era of “free love”. The musky sensual aroma that it emits decreases inhibition, allowing you to succumb to the earthy pleasures of the body’s innate sexuality. This essential oil will enable a person to communicate more clearly about their desires.

Rose – A symbol of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and no higher honor could be given to this lovely flower. The fragrance of the rose has been valued for its sexual healing powers and admired as an aphrodisiac. The rose is a flower of seduction with a natural affinity of the heart.

Dragon’s Blood – Is not literally dragon’s blood, it’s a plant that is a bright red sap resin derived from the fruit and stems of the plant. It’s is a plant of attraction used to attract money, love, success and facilitates good karma. It also has incredible healing properties used in many cultures to treat a variety of ailments such as to prevent miscarriage, healing of wounds and pain relief, acne and removing blocked chi which is an underlying issue to blood stagnated issues.

Good luck and have fun my friends...Stormy

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Body Rituals by Sacred Mood - Coming Soon!

Here's a little peak of what has been a long time coming...My mother and I have been working hard to get our new line of perfume just perfect. We are very excited to launch this new perfume very soon.

Sacred Mood's Signature Scents of Mood and Native Souls are so intoxicating and feminine I'm sure that you will find the the perfect scent for you.

Mood - A soft feminine scent possess a rich woody, flowery, fruity and sensual notes of sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, lily of the valley, lemon, orange blossom, patchouli and bergamot. A sweet bouquet of exotic pleasure to brighten your mood.

Native Souls - Native mother and daughter haven taken their favorite scents to perfectly blend exotic floral blossoms, spices, amber, sandalwood, subtle hints of vanilla and fruit to achieve a one of a kind custom blended scent that is their soul creation.

We will be offering these two scents in uniquely embellished gold metallic glass bottles in 2 oz size. These lovely bottles are perfect for the vanity. Give these as a special gift to friends, mothers, lovers, bridal favors or for yourself. These bottles refill easily so we will also offer a 2oz refill bottle and purse size roll so you can take these lovely scents wherever you go!

Body Potion - Both scents will also be available in a our alluring melt on contact body potions. Enriched with pure organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Lip Potion #7 - Lip gloss and balm. An impeccable blend of ingredients designed to bring the natural softness and pink color back into your lips. Wear as a natural gloss or over lipstick for added shine.

As soon as we finalize the quality standard checks on all the products and packaging we will launch them for sale. So keep an eye out and come back soon.

The Sacred Mood website will be up soon as well. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me again. May your days be blessed...


Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Broken Spirit’s Road to Happiness…

Sometimes do you feel like you are wandering in life without specific purpose, only to find out that the road you’re on is on its way true happiness? Well, that is has happened to me and I would like to share a story with you.
My first step on that road was a rocky road. It definitely wasn’t paved with a path of pretty little bricks laid in perfect imagery. I was a troubled little soul, more than most people knew. I actually kept that deep inside me. Torn away from my mother at a very early age had huge ramifications that no one would fully comprehend.
My father, almost full blooded American Indian, and was a wild young man. When he got a hold of fire water, watch out! He went from a sweet, laid back guy to a raging manic. His temper would flair and cause havoc on us. I won’t go into the details but it wasn’t a pretty sight.
His temper got the best of him one day and convinced his family to run my mother away. Okay, just imagine being almost 4 years old and your mom, was taken from you. You don’t have her anymore and you don’t know what happened. Everyone around you acted like nothing ever happened. No one mentioned it; no one wanted to hurt this little girl. Maybe they thought that if they didn’t speak of it, then they wouldn’t hurt her.
Well that was further from the truth. My spirit was broken and nothing could fix it. No matter how much I tried to be happy, no matter how much I tried to act like I was enjoying my life, nothing, no one could heal my broken spirit.
That road took some pretty crazy turns, from my adolescent years, teens, young adult and into motherhood. I was always trying to find gratification in everything thing I did, but I still had a huge void that couldn’t be filled. My relationships with men were never satisfying and I had a couple of failed marriages. When my son was born, it was the first turning point for me. However my marriage was in a crisis and it was a struggle to find peace.
My son is truly the light of my life. The first day that child graced my life, I finally felt true love. There isn’t anything more incredible the wonders of having a child. From the moment you feel them for the first time inside you growing, to holding them for the very first time. That is one of life’s most incredible moments. I believe that my son was the first step I took onto a road that seemed to take me into the right direction. It gave me my life’s purpose.
When my father fell ill with cancer, I was in a really dark place, my world was upside down. My marriage had failed, I was out of work, I lost my house, I was trying to be with my father when he died and look for work driving back and forth from Texas to Missouri. I was trying to find a way into the light. Hence the nickname I received from my friends at the lake “Stormy”. It was fitting, Stormy Cloud. It stuck and now it’s a name that I proudly use as it shows me just how far I’ve come from those turbulent times.
It seems as if my life really took a different road when my father passed. It was as if the one thing that scarred me for life has passed and opened up a new way for me. A new road...
Fast forward a few more years and a simple note through Facebook from a long lost sibling and what a difference my life is now that I have my family in place. I was on vacation a couple of years ago and got a notice that someone was trying to contact me on Facebook. I was blown away to find out it was my little sister.
I can’t tell you how great that felt to get that message. What is really crazy is when I was driving to my vacation destination, I knew in my heart that we needed to be reconnected. I was talking to my son about it on the drive and then two days later…I received that email notification. I was so grateful that it had happened at that moment. My energy was passing through me right to her.
I’ve re-established my relationship with my mother. It is as if I have found my soul mate. On a spiritual level it is something that I can’t describe to you. That little girl lost has found her mother and little sister. All of the years of unhappiness are fading away and I finally feel as if my life has new meaning.
Over the past two years, my heart is healing and I can’t imagine my life now without them now. All of the years that I felt like a lost soul, has vanished. I have never felt more comfortable and at peace. It’s unfortunate that some people, who have known me for years, do not understand how this has impacted my life and how important it is to me to have peace. Sometimes people are more concerned with their own feelings that they don’t see how it affects others.
So if you feel as if you are lost, just remember…NOT ALL THAT WANDER, ARE LOST.
May the powers of universe bring back to you what you have lost. May your spirit be renewed and your lives have new meaning. For if you believe in magic, it will find you.
Thank you for reading and looking into my little world… I hope my story can help others reconnect and find joy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magic of a Full Moon

Tomorrow is a full moon and it's the perfect time to ask for what I believe my life needs to move forward. Little signs have been given to me to make a change, a change that will help me to flourish.

Remember that seed I planted? Well it's growing and as it grows it sprouts new branches and the new branch that has sprouted it is taking me into a different direction from where I have been living for the past five years.

It's time, however I was feeling comfortable. I knew it was time to make a move but I guess I needed a little nudge. That little nudge came from my son, a beautiful spirit. He is so loving and sensitive, he has an unbelievable ability to sense energy, act upon it and communicate it to me. When he does, I trust it and I move quickly. For I have learned that has been right on several occasions.

One of the most important parts of the Law of Attraction is to make sure to not only Ask, Believe and Receive, but to move forward quickly with an intuition, an opportunity that comes along and don't wait. Don't ask questions, just move forward and know that somehow it will make it's way to you. That a person or situation will make a change to help bring it to you.

So tomorrow night when the full moon rises, I will say my Full Moon Wish Prayer, Ask for what I want. Then I must Believe it will happen so that I may Receive it.

Please join me in a full moon prayer ritual. Find 5 pennies and go out side and face the moon, standing it's light.

Raise your hands to the moon and throw the pennies towards the moon. Then say these simple words:

You have said when you are round,

Prayers are answered, chains unbound,

You promise that by light of you,

All wishes shall come true.

Please take this token of my love,

As your Silver Light shines from above,

Please bring me what I ask of you,

By darkest night and morning dew.

I believe that my quest for change and belief in the energy of the full moon will help my dreams to come fruition.

May your world be filled with joyous opportunities and my you be brave to take the journey and trust it when it is presented to you.

Thanks for stopping by my friends...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seed to Change...Have you planted yours?

It’s incredible to think that it’s 2012. Wow…where has all the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was in Brad Pitt’s basement having a make-out party in the summer of ’79. We had some good times, no worries, no idea what the future held. Who knew that Brad would be a mega star and we were all a part of his little world back in Springfield, Missouri.

Crank it up to the present and my life has taken some pretty crazy turns. A single mother striving to make a difference in the world by sharing some of life’s magical gifts through blogging and developing a line of products that other woman will enjoy to change their mood.

We all like to feel pretty... Don’t we? Just a little dab of lip gloss can make a difference in the way you feel if your headed to the grocery store. Or a quick spray of a perfume to freshen up can change your mood instantly. You can go from Drab to Fab in seconds!

I remember when times were so tough that I didn’t purchase any perfume for at least a couple years. That was unheard of for me not to be wearing perfume. When I finally purchased my favorite scent and sprayed it on me, I instantly felt renewed. It was as if I was transformed at that very moment. I didn’t realize that perfume had such power. It was at that moment that I wanted to develop my own scent and share it with the world. That little dream of hope to become a reality has special meaning to me.

Prior to my corporate and catering days I was a make-up artist doing a lot of freelance work; weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots and helped a local hairstylist develop a line of custom blend make up for his make-over studio in the early ‘90’s. I really enjoyed teaching woman how to apply make-up and making them feel pretty. I always knew in my heart that I wanted to have my own line of products but wasn’t sure when that time would come. Little did I know that I would go through some tough times and not be able to purchase the little things in life we take for granted. I was during that time that perfume had a whole new meaning for me.

Last year I started thinking about what I wanted in life. I knew I wanted to move to the beach and live a stress free life. But to actually get there was going to take some work and how was I going to support myself? In five years my son graduates from high school, I will be 53 years old and I needed a plan. Now is the time to focus on those personal goals that I have had put on the back burner to raise a child.

So I started to plant that seed. 2011 was year 1 of the 5 year plan. In 5 years I plan on being in Florida, on the beach enjoying my life. The seed is the most essential part of the plan, for if there isn’t any seed, then there isn’t any growth and if there isn’t any growth there isn’t any full grown goal.

In January I did a lot of soul searching and started working on outlining what I need to get this ball rolling. I put together some financial planning, started educating myself on eCommerce entrepreneurship, developed with my mother; two outstanding fragrances, an incredible body lotion, lip gloss, designed our logo and website. So I can honestly say that the seed has been planted. Now it’s time to watch it grow. With a little water, tender loving care and devotion. I believe that this seed will grow into an incredible opportunity to get me close to that beach in a few years.

This holiday my sister Debbie and I had a great night together. We laughed and acted like kids. It was so fun and out of the ordinary. My mother was calling us Brats all night.

I remember she said to me “Well Sister, your 1 year closer to your goal!” After that comment, I thought – Wow, she’s right and when I looked back on what I had accomplished this past year I was so excited to know that 2012 will be even more exciting. The seed is planted and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

Have you planted your seed? It’s never too late to plant a seed. Plant yours and wait for the magic.

Thanks for stopping by…Stormy