Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Which Wolf Will You Feed?

An elder Cherokee Native American 
once said to me about life…

 “A fight is going on inside us, it is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.  

One wolf is Evil  - with fear, anger, envy, sorry, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, competition, superiority and ego.

The other is Good –  with joy, peach, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.  

The wolf that will win is “The One You Feed”

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Magic...of Gratitude

It seems we live in a world where there are so many negative influences that can affect the way we receive things into our lives without our knowledge.  Did you know that negative thoughts, feelings, words, images...all can bring negative things into our lives?  Maybe that's why your having bad luck or circumstances.

If we start to acknowledge what is good or what we are truly grateful for then that attitude of gratitude will begin to bring more good into our lives just be being in tune with a higher vibration of energy.

So this month is a great time to start the process of gratitude and watch your life change just by acknowledging what we have in our lives that we take for granted.  

Tonight or in the morning, make a list of at least 10 things that you are grateful for and why.  Then re-read it out loud and think about how it makes you feel to know that you truly appreciate them in your life.

It's a great exercise to transform your attitude and see things in a whole new way.  Continue to do this each day for the next month.  Sounds like a lot of things write down each day, but there are plenty things to be thankful for if you just look around.  Sometimes the littlest things we take for granted are big ways of opening up more of the good stuff to receive.

Try it...Stormy

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Key To Success...Full Moon (Harvest Moon) Sept 29, 2012

This weekend is the Harvest Moon - the full moon in September this year of 2012 that is a moon that seems to be bigger, brighter and more colorful than other full moons.  It's tonight, September 29th.

It's also the moon that you should reflect on your journey so far this year, give gratitude to what you have planted in your mind, your goals, your intentions and lessons.  Acknowledging what you have manifested so far this year will help take you closer to your goals.  

Would you like to find the time the full moon rises in your area?  Then click on this link and you can put in your area and it will calculate a full moon calendar for you.

Full Moon Calendar - CLICK HERE

With this full moon you will begin to see how things are starting to take course.  You will experience new opportunities, big things are in store for you.  So be aware of what transpires.

It's also a time to let go of negative things in your life that are holding you back and keeping you from your desires.  Stop dragging them around with you - let it go. Release yourself from the burden and move ahead.

I have a great message to share with you on You Tube.  It's a long video but it's a powerful message.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Magic of Life

Ever wonder where your going? What life has in store for you?  I mean...we just don't have a clue what is around the corner, yet people live in a world where they try to control their future, security, money in the bank, deals lined up, etc.  But what we don't stop and realize that we don't have any idea of what is in store for us, we just have to trust that we know that whatever is coming, we are ready for it, one way or another.

I remember when I was about 20 years old and I couldn't wait to move to Dallas, experience life, what secrets it had to offer.  Being from a small town I was ready for an adventure.  So I packed up my car and moved to big D with - no job, just a few connections. Everyone thought I was crazy, and maybe I was, but I knew that whatever was out there I was ready.

Now at 48 and going on 49 in a couple of weeks...I'm still here.  And I never imagined that my life would have been as adventurous as it was been over the years.

I've loved, been hurt, learned so much in my various careers and gave birth to a beautiful son that is the light of my life.  And I never imagined that when I drove down that highway that my life would have been so full of wonders and turns.  

That's the beauty of it..Life.  You never know what you will get.  

As I reflect on the past few years I realized today that I'm ready for a new adventure, a new chapter and my life is going to giving me new opportunities, connections, friends and experiences.

Have you every stopped to reflect on the magic of your life?  I mean really look at the twists and turns that lead you to different experiences in you life, from romance to adventure,  job opportunities to heart ache and pain.  And where those experiences took you either to new heights or new spiritual awakenings. 

I have a strong intuition pulling at me that life is getting ready to deal me some new magic...and I'm so excited to see what is around the corner.

Are you ready or are you stuck?  Take a minute to reflect, be grateful and be open to change.  It's the process of life.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meditation - The Master Plan

What tools do you use to assist yourself into a meditative state?  

For me - The view from my window at my future house on the beach...

It's always something has to do with the beach.  Because that is where I want to be someday soon.  Just one look at a palm tree, ocean waves, flamingos or beach bungalow and I'm there in the moment, instantly drawn into oblivion and it's all part of the master plan.

The Master Plan - What is yours?  I have mine.  To be in Key West living and working, enjoying the Island life without leaving the US and savoring the fresh sunshine, seafood, history and exotic ocean.  

And one way to help gravitate this master plan into action is to meditate.  Meditate on a variety of things, self improvement, relationships, career path, gratitude, health, friendships, goals and moving to the beach, living on the beach, cooking healthy for clients who want to learn more about incredible ingredients and living my life's passions. 

So find your inspiration, focus on your goals, watch them start to transpire.


Friday, August 31, 2012

The Message - Nate James

Just had to share my new favorite music Artists...Nate James

This song is perfect for the Blue Moon of 2012

The Message...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your Personal Energy Field

Ever walked into a room and feel like you could cut the tension with a knife?  The energy in the room was tight, thick and uncomfortable.  A room you don't want to be in and look for the first opportunity to get out.

Or have you ever seen someone walk into the room and project a powerful full of life energy and people are drawn to their presence?  Where you just want to be near them and they make you feel good.

Well that's the type of power you we can choose to have as our personal energy field.  Pretty amazing when you think about it.  The power that energy holds that effects your mood, daily lives, family, friends and future.

And the type of people that will be drawn to you will have the same types of energy fields that magnify your energy field making it more powerful.

That's why it's important that you make sure you are aware and responsible for the energy field you attract.  You've heard the old saying...Misery loves company.  Right?

Being angry, sad, depressed or irritated can turn into manipulation, madness and or revenge and those are just some of the things that can transpire from this type of energy.  Who wants that in their life?  Not me.  That's why I'm very conscientious these days of my my personal energy field has in it.
Its important to be mindful the energy you project when you go to work, when your with friends or when you interact in your personal relationships.  You want to attract the right kind of energy and not attract the wrong kinds of energy.

Projecting upbeat, fun and positive vibes will manifest great opportunities.  Intention also plays an important role in your energy.  Your intentions are the spark to your fire.

It can be the ONE thing that creates your life experiences.

Are you aware of your energy journey?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Intention...Powerful Life Force


What is it anyway and how does it work?  

Intent is a natural force that exists in our universe and when you focus on intention, it will come and make a path for attainment for which you set out to do.  Now it’s not something that you do, but something that exists as an invisible source of energy.

Energy runs through all living things, with purpose and intention is the creative intelligence of life force of everything that exists.

Confused yet?  Stay with me…

Let’s say that it is a field of energy that resides within us.  Research has shown that we have the power to interact with this energy field by using creativity and imagination to activate it.

When things are not going your way or you don’t feel well or you’re a little down in the dumps, then you’re not in line with your intention.  Balance will put you in line with intention to coincide with it.

We have the ability to tap into the power of the energy field also known as universal energy, magic, or cosmic consciousness and harness its incredible miracles. 

Using the power of intention can create the life we desire. 

Once you recognize this wonder, it can be the open door to turn your life around.  As we become conscious of the universe’s powerful energy we can interact with it and manifestation will occur.

Plus you will increase your power and it become effortless.  Awakening awareness within you and creating a conscious connection to the intelligence of the universe.

I can create whatever I put my mind to
I can transform by intention
I can heal through this power

In order to activate it you have to make a decision to create the effect.  At that moment decide and say..  

“This is my Goal - Make it so”

Don't ask - Declare it   

Without this decision it will never manifest.  A decision causes a series of actions to take course and manifest your desire. If you miss this important, significant step – then you will not achieve the goal.

So raise your vibration, feel connected and know instinctively so you allow the power to grow commanding it to communicate with your solar-plexus and it will lead you to your life’s destiny.

What's your intention?


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crystal Healing

When I was a young girl I was a big nature freak.  I would play outside for hours, in the dirt, climb trees, look at plants and insects with curiosity and be in awe of the wonders of every living thing in on our earth.  Maybe it is because my dad was a big nature freak too, the outdoors type, fisherman, hunter and in his blood as a Native American. 

So when I went to my first cave I was even more excited.  Not just because it was cool and creepy in the underground caves, but that it was a magnificent formation of hundreds of years of limestone crystal formations and inside those formations were brilliant types of crystals that push up from it like shards of glass.

I was immediately drawn to its beauty and always loved crystals. Then as I grew older I discovered more information about these incredible beauties and their healing powers.  That really excited me.  I knew they were special and this just confirmed it even more.

I’m sure many of you are saying …”How can a rock help you heal?”  Well it’s not new age mambo jumbo it’s scientifically proven that the energy fields in crystals resonate with the energy fields in the body and work together for a specific purpose.  Interesting isn’t it?

First you need to understand that holistic healing is about the body; the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual essence of the body that is a system of energy of various patterns and concentrations.  

Our thoughts and our feelings are connected to these densities of energy.  When the patterns of energy work together in a balanced way then we experience great health.  If these patterns are disrupted then we experience poor health or disease.   

What’s even more incredible is that nature will heal itself it can.

Crystals radiate pure patterns of energy that resonate with our energy fields in our bodies.  Their wavelength and frequency can bring us back into harmony.  Subtle energies transmitted into the body by crystals are resonantly absorbed and assimilated by the body’s own bio mineral crystalline system.

Capable of high and exact rates of vibration, quartz crystals have unique properties that allow them to transmit and store energies.  

Crystals have been used in ancient times in a variety of ways such as grid formations to transmit energy fields and used in elixirs.  In the ancient science of Indian medicine known as Ayurveda, gems were systematically classified and used to heal disease.  They amplify thought and intention and can be used to amplify their healing natures.   

Grid layouts are often accompanied by a guided meditation with a healing intention. This native intelligence within this natural process flows the energy and is sent to the body,  distributed to the area most in need of energy balancing.

I believe that we become misaligned with our souls purpose or destiny and that most of our suffering is a metaphysical cause.  Negative thoughts form and over time become difficult to shift, causing illness.

The body is truly magnificent in knowing what it needs to optimize life force flow.  Gem elixirs can activate a solid foundation of sustainable energy.  If intention of spiritual focus is added then it can more rapidly reset its vibrational patterns of optimum function.

So the next time you see a beautiful colorful crystal…ask yourself.    

Do you know how it can be used to heal yourself and what energy powers it holds?  

 If the answer is no, then research it and you will be amazed at what tools God has provided us if we dig a little deep.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sister Love Weekend!

Eeeck!  I'm so excited - My little sister is coming today.  

That photo is a cherished memory we have at Panama City Florida in 1990.  She got engaged that weekend to her crazy funny husband Chuck.  It was a great family long weekend at the beach.  

We are huge beach lovers and both strive to live there someday soon.

This weekend is our Sister Love - long weekend together that we have been trying to plan for the past 2 years.  
No distractions, just fun.

This girl is crazy so no telling what we will get into but I just wanted to shout out how excited I am to spend the weekend with her.

We are also BIG fans of Jamaraquoi so I'm sure there will lots of dancing and cocktails this weekend!

So if you don't hear from me till next week - I'm not dead - just having some fun!

Here's a little Jamiroquai tune we love 
and hope you enjoy too!  

(How hot is this guy when he sings...he is so damn cute dancing around.  Love him!)

Little the words to this song.  
(My feeling exactly about someone...Since I don't hate, just love with a little l)

Grab and cocktail and dance!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Energy Vampires - One Bad Apple!

Toxicity - Poison – Negative Energy

Whatever you call it – get rid of it!

When you expose yourself to the negativity of a situation or person then you can be affected. 

Nothing is more of downer than someone who is negative, constantly, pushing their negativity onto you and spreading it around like cancer.  Their energy field can follow you and cling to you!  

Energy Vampires are what I call them; sucking the life force from you or others.  What they focus on gives power to the negativity and before you know it, it’s spinning out of control.   

Toxic people are those who think they are doing something right, by complaining and blowing up situations whether it is a small issue or a large issue.  They feel they are constantly taken advantage of by others.  

What’s even more amazing to me is that misery loves company and they believe that their negative comments are helping solve the issue, therefore spreading their cancer. 

Well…I don’t do well with whiners, negative people and I don’t tolerate their behavior.  I just don’t have time for it.  It brings no value to my life.  So therefore, removing it immediately is the best way to move forward.

Maybe it’s because I allowed someone at one time to suck the energy out of me and I vowed that I would never let that happen again.  

Here are some tips to remove negative energy:

Smudging is a ritual that can be used to remove negativity.  Smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and removes it to another space.   Also called cleansing which is a shift of energy from negativity to positivity.  Nothing is better than a peaceful state of mind.  White Sage Smudge Sticks are used for smudging. (Click Here for more info on Smudging)

Meditation may be used to clear the mind of negative thoughts or feelings.  Go to a quiet room, relax and clear your mind by focusing on positive thoughts.  Imagine the negative person leaving or think of something that makes you happy or feel good.  I personally think of being on a lounge chair, semi in the water by the ocean, allowing the waves to come up and hit my feet but not getting me wet.  I put on music that sounds like the ocean to help transform my mind.

Music can change your mood just by playing one song!  I love flamenco guitar and when I listen to it is eases my mind, no words are spoken so it keeps my mind clear of distractions, allowing me to focus on what I want to think about as opposed to what I’m forced to think about.

Burning Incense can remove negative thoughts or energy.  I like white sage incense it works beautifully.  It clears the space and levels it for positive flow.

Try these tips and then be observant…

See the POWER Nature Holds


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yes...The Power in a Single Word

"I'll never get out of this place!", "I can't find a way to get there", "I don't have enough money", I can't do that", "I don't have a place to live", "There just isn't any way this will work out for me."

Sound familiar?  Self Doubt? No, not for me.  I know exactly what I want and I am working on my plan to get it.  It's called the power of a simple thing called "YES".  Saying yes to that negative voice in my head each time it starts to call out self doubt.  

I don't say those words, I say things like... "When I move to Key West" "I going to be there in the next 3 years" "I have a plan to live in Key West".  This my vocabulary and learning to use the power of yes when you speak as opposed to no it won't is key to manifesting the powerful energy found in words.

But you also have to have a plan to do it.  You can't just say yes it will happen and not put any energy into making it happen.  So I have devised a plan, I started it 2 years ago and I called it the 5 year plan to get what I want desire.  

Do you have a plan, a call of action to create your world in which you choose to live?  If not, you might want to consider thinking about that, what is it that your negative voice is saying to you that is holding you back?  

No - is Negative

Yes - is Positive

I've had enough negativity in my life that I choose to have positive energy, flow, people, opportunities and experiences grace my presence.

So - the next time you say no...STOP and say Yes.  

Now turn that yes into a plan and see what starts to cross your path.  You will begin to notice things put in your path to help you along the way.  

When these things are presented to you.  Show Gratitude.  

For gratitude will activate the power of yes and it might just be what you been looking for...


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Full Moon's of August...Bring Power

Take hold of yourself this month, for August in 2012 is the month of POWER.  The full moon rises twice this month providing us with a Blue Moon on August.  The first full moon is August 2nd.  Behold - for the beginning of this month you will experience a shift that is causing quite a stir.

Power can present itself in many ways; health, relationships, career, love, awareness, etc.  For you can give your power away just as you may think you can gain power.  It's also about how to empower yourself, your desires.  

There is a month with two full moons every two to three years.  When this happens it is called a Blue Moon.  The Blue Moon will fall on August 31st, 2012. 

Do you really know what POWER is and how to harness the energy of it?  You have the opportunity to decide if you want to take or give your power away to someone or something.  Your intentions drive this energy to flow where you want it to go.  So I challenge you to think about where you want your energy to flow.

People can also take your power from you.  If you are experiencing negative thoughts or situations with others then be very careful where you direct your energy on the subject.  Examine your life - decide where you want your energy to flow - through a positive place of grow, health, vitality or do you want to go through a negative place such as misery.  

I believe we all have a choice and if you focus on your intentions you will direct energy to flow in the place that you need power.  

This month can be an exciting month for projects.  The opportunity for empowering it is colossal and if you focus your energy in a positive way you will be able to manifest great things.  If you feel your unworthy and you can't see how things can go your way, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  However if you focus your energy on your project with positive influence then you will experience great things.  

Power - To You People


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mad Tea Party Today! Please come in...

The sun was bright and glowing through my window this morning.  It felt so warm and inviting.  Excited to get out and explore, I jumped out of bed and got ready for this gorgeous day.  Got a quick shower, threw my hair in a braid and ate a quick meal.  I'm so excited to see what happens today. 

I’m going to a secret place that I think you will enjoy…

Won’t you join me?
What a wonderful day for a bike ride.  The air is light and crisp; the sun is bright and warm.
I peddled quickly to this mysterious place that I passed the other day.   
I had knocked on the door to see if anyone would open the door.   
A little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes slowly opened the door and said “Please come back on July 28th”. 
I asked her why and she said “Because on that day I will take you to a place that will change your life”.  

Curious as to what that was all about, I couldn’t wait to come back and see!
I arrived at the old house and ran to the top of the stone steps.
I tried to turn the vibrant amethyst crystal door handle but it wouldn’t move.  So I knocked on the door…
No answer…I bent down and looked through the keyhole.  Wow…What a beautiful magical place that looks like behind that door.  I waited impatiently and then knocked again.  A few seconds later – The door crept open.
There she was, that darling little girl.  “Why Hello” she said with a soft delicate voice.  “So glad you came back to see me today.  Please, let your hair down, relax and come in…” 

I did as she asked and took the braid out of my hair.  My soft curls cascaded down my back as I took off out the braids.  She opened the door and when I looked through, everything was different than it was when I looked through that keyhole.  It was bright and vibrant with lots of clouds floating right in front of me.   It was as if I was walking into heaven.
The most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.  I turned around and the little girl said “Here now, we have to blind fold you for the boat ride.”  Taken back by what she said, before I knew it was I blindfolded and wondering where in the world she was taking me.  
We rode on a boat for what seemed only just a few seconds.  When we arrived she took off my blindfold and it was a spectacular site.  A heart shaped island surrounded by crystal blue water.   “Where are we?” I said “Why we are at Eden” she declared.  “Eden? I’ve never heard of this place before.”  I said softly as I looked around in astonishment. 
“I’m sure you have, you just didn’t realize it really exists and we will show you how it can heal you.”  She said.  “You see, the earth belongs to you.  Discover it and find the hidden treasures of the world.  For God has provided an abundance of natural resources to help heal your heart, nourish your body and transform your soul.”  She said softly as she took my hand and we stepped out onto the beach.  

 “Come follow me…” I walked behind her as she held my hand with her tiny little hands and took me into the forest off the beach.
The forest was so stunning and serene. We crossed over a wooden bridge that pulled us deeper into the forest.  Where could we possibly be going I thought?
As we walked around the bend I spotted the most exquisitely blue lagoon.  The little girl said “I want you to dive into that water and look for the mermaid.”  As I turned to her she was gone…vanished.
  “Oh my, how am I going to ever get out of this place?”  I whispered.  I thought I must be crazy but I dove into the water.  When I opened my eyes, there was a mermaid with a bright orange tail! 
“Come, follow me…” the mermaid said.  I could hear her perfectly under the water.  It was magical. 

We swam through the crystal blue waters and to a glowing cave. 
The mermaid turned to me and said “Now, swim through there and when you come up you will follow the path to a house in the trees.”  

 I swam through the blue waters and gasped for air.  What is going on?  This must be a dream. I thought to myself.

I stepped up onto the waters bank and as I looked up there was a bright light that was beaming down in streams of blue shining on the wings of a fairy.   

This forest was becoming so incredibly magical.   “Hi” the fairy said.  “I’m Jade, and I will lead you to the house in the trees.” 

We walked through the forest and as I gazed around I could see tiny little fairy’s all over the place.  One was hanging out with some little birds.  

 “Oh this can’t be” I said.  “Oh yes, this is real. Come through here.”  She said.
I gazed up and in front of me there was the most incredible tree house I have ever seen.  It glowed in orange, the same color as the mermaid’s tail!  
“Go on dear, go through that door.”  The fairy said.

The doorway was lit up with vibrant fuchsia vines and a cute little kitty was waiting by the door.   I wonder if this kitty is going talk to me, I thought to myself.  I walked up the heavy stone steps and through the door.  
There was a woman dancing in a flowing dress.   She motioned me to come to her.  “Would you like something to drink my dear?” she asked.  “All I would really like a nice cup of tea ” I answered. 
She and turned and said with a sultry southern drawl, “That can be arranged, my dear.”
She poured me a nice cup of tea in a vintage gold scrolled tea cup.  As I looked into the tea it was the same color of the vines on the side of house and I could see the reflection of the trees behind me.
As I sat and sipped my tea, the woman asked me all kinds of questions.  
“How are you feeling my dear?”
“What do you do to take care of yourself?”
“Are you eating the right foods?”
“Do you have any pain in your body?”
“Are you in a happy relationship?”
“Are you close to your family?”
“Do you feel real joy?”
“Do you think you will live a long life?”
With all of the questions swirling around, I had to catch my breath.  “Oh my, I’ve never thought of all these things at one time before.”  I said with panic in my voice.  

 “Well dear, it’s never too late to experience great wellness.  As a matter of fact, that tea you’re drinking is a special kind of tea.”  “A special tea?  What makes this so special besides the color?”  I replied.  “That tea is made from the spirit plant from my tree.”  

 She took my hand and we gazed out the window.  Right in front of the window were mushrooms growing from the wood of the tree.
“Do you see those mushrooms growing by that tree?”  she asked “Yes, I do” I  replied.  “Those are medicinal mushrooms. They are another form of a Spirit Plant.  They hold incredible energy and are used to treat a variety of ailments.   

I know you suffer from a weakened immune system and I made this tea just for you to help make you vibrant again.”  I looked at her in astonishment.  Wow, this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. 

“Spirit plant energy connects deep within us.  Their life force energies invite our bodies and consciousness to harmonize with our energies, entering us into a healing flow.  Their very presence invites and facilitates our deepening of inner sensitivity.  Spirit plants work with healers who in human form, they are teachers, medicine people and healers.  And what the healing plants teach us are their own secrets – where there is sickness in the body or soul, they will heal.”  She added

“These Healers understand that true healing is more than “fixing” a physical ailment. They know that when dis-ease occurs in the body, the essence of a person is misaligned and that to be effective in a returning to health one must reach into the core of the person to bring about a change toward balance. In these modern times this “core essence” of a person is understood in terms of energy. There are meridians or “pathways of light” within our body through which energy flows, the auric field which is the energy body that surrounds our physical body and chakras.  Chakras are energy centers within the body.”  She said. 

 Then she took me to a table with some stunning crystals laid out in a pattern.  “These crystals are laid out in a healing grid.  The energy that flows through these crystals will flow through the energy fields and whatever the intention is to manifest healing, these crystals will help facilitate this process.”  I stood there in awe of what she was saying to me and knew that I was being called to do great things.

“These energy vortexes exchange energy with the external world.  Energy exists everywhere, it can neither be created nor destroyed and manifests as heat, light and movement.  This energy allows healing to take place efficiently and effectively”  She added

“I’m incredibly moved by what you are teaching me.”  I said.  “I want you to go and learn about all of the spirit plants, crystals and resources that God has given us and go teach others of their healing.  Teach them how to cook with using these powerful ingredients from the earth and help show others how to transform their lives.  Tomorrow when you awaken, you will think this is a dream.  But my dear this is for real.  So go on now, help change the world with these secrets. People are dying to be well”  She said and all of the sudden it was dark.

As I looked around I saw a bright light and beautiful pink trees. 
A woman in the water was gazing at me.  “You must …Believe to Receive.”  She said 
I woke up in a sweat.  Oh this was a dream. 

Or is it for real?..