Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magic of a Full Moon

Tomorrow is a full moon and it's the perfect time to ask for what I believe my life needs to move forward. Little signs have been given to me to make a change, a change that will help me to flourish.

Remember that seed I planted? Well it's growing and as it grows it sprouts new branches and the new branch that has sprouted it is taking me into a different direction from where I have been living for the past five years.

It's time, however I was feeling comfortable. I knew it was time to make a move but I guess I needed a little nudge. That little nudge came from my son, a beautiful spirit. He is so loving and sensitive, he has an unbelievable ability to sense energy, act upon it and communicate it to me. When he does, I trust it and I move quickly. For I have learned that has been right on several occasions.

One of the most important parts of the Law of Attraction is to make sure to not only Ask, Believe and Receive, but to move forward quickly with an intuition, an opportunity that comes along and don't wait. Don't ask questions, just move forward and know that somehow it will make it's way to you. That a person or situation will make a change to help bring it to you.

So tomorrow night when the full moon rises, I will say my Full Moon Wish Prayer, Ask for what I want. Then I must Believe it will happen so that I may Receive it.

Please join me in a full moon prayer ritual. Find 5 pennies and go out side and face the moon, standing it's light.

Raise your hands to the moon and throw the pennies towards the moon. Then say these simple words:

You have said when you are round,

Prayers are answered, chains unbound,

You promise that by light of you,

All wishes shall come true.

Please take this token of my love,

As your Silver Light shines from above,

Please bring me what I ask of you,

By darkest night and morning dew.

I believe that my quest for change and belief in the energy of the full moon will help my dreams to come fruition.

May your world be filled with joyous opportunities and my you be brave to take the journey and trust it when it is presented to you.

Thanks for stopping by my friends...


wicky said...

Perfect timing :-) xo

Stormy said...

I know - you do it too! Love...Power of 7

Denise said...

wonderfully rich incantation, in which i shall be joining you in reciting! peace, denise