Monday, February 10, 2014

When Spirit Speaks...

The sound of rain falling is so peaceful a sound I welcome with open arms.  The showers that blanket the earth cleanse us with release and bring in new life in different form.  

Friday a storm brewed in, just in time to get the news that my beloved Mother passed away.  As I took my journey across four states to lay her at peace, I felt the rain fall down the entire drive.

As I approached her road that runs by her house off the highway, the rain fell so hard that I couldn't see.  My windows were clear the entire way.  But at one moment when I was thinking of her leaving this plane I wondered what she saw at that moment when she passed and for a split second - the entire car fogged up and I couldn't see to drive.  It was if she was sending me a message to show me how it looked, a radiant glow of fog.  I had to pull over and wipe down the windows in order to move forward again.  

As I pulled back onto the freeway, my windows cleared up, quickly as if there wasn't anything to make it fog again.  I knew that moment, she was speaking to me.  Letting me know that she is alright, her spirit has passed into a world that we can't see but a journey will all take.

There is nothing more special that a Mother's love....

Native Souls

When a spirit grows inside a Mother's womb, the bond is like no other.  For the strength of their love is forever created...Native Souls.

I love you Mommie....You are dearly missed

Light & Love...

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