Friday, October 21, 2011

Renew Your Spirit!'s all coming to fruition. Finally after 10 years of planting the seed in my creative mind, the business I have been dreaming of is finally coming together. 10 years ago, I went through some incredible changes in my life, my spirit was broken and my world was turned upside down. During the time of healing, I have had an idea to create a website where others can share their creative talents, learn about ways to renew their spirit, shop for wonderful items to create an oasis or handcraft incredible food.

I've recently been working on a custom fragrance that will soon be called Body Rituals by Sacred Mood. Above is the new logo that I've created and I can't more excited. The part is that I have been able to share this experience with my birth mother who I have recently reconnected with and it has been another way that my spirit has been renewed.

I've gone over 40 years without the relationship with my mother. The craziest thing is we are more like twins than mother and daughter. We think the same, we have the same creative mind, we share so many talents that is really bazaar. Over the years I have been pulled back and forth into creative ways to fulfill my life, as a make up artist, interior design school and always finding ways to turn trash into treasures. My mother is an artist, she was a make up artist, muralist, painter, and jewelry maker. Our lives paralleled so much we were drawn together just like twins. There are times we are both thinking the same thing that we call each other and just laugh. It's the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced.

Just recently we spent a couple of weeks together bonding, creating and developing the Sacred Mood brand. I'm so excited to get this process started and get this website up to share with you soon.

Keep coming back for more updates and remember, it's never too late to renew your spirit!

Thanks for stopping by....Stormy

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wicky said...

so very true Sista' :) You two even look like twins!! Keep the creativity inspire me ;-o xo