Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegan Quest - With Rants...

November is Vegan MOFO - Which means Vegan Month of Food - Bloggers are writing about everything Vegan. Not necessarily recipes, but about the vegan lifestyle. So today my post is a rant - not a recipe.
I am stunned that everyone thinks that just because I am eating a vegan diet that I am eating boring bean sprout food. I have received comments from friends that they could never do it because it's to restricting and they don't like to eat sprouts, beans or hippy food. Hippy food - What the hell?

Now anyone that knows me knows that I love food, all kinds of food, and all flavors of food. This vegan lifestyle is anything but boring hippy food. It's about eating great food and combining great flavors while trying to consume a plant based diet for health reasons.

Another thing I have realized is that our mainstream restaurants and fast food joints are missing out on an opportunity to provide healthy food without animal products to millions of people who are looking for great food without the crap. With so many people with heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol it's beyond me that there are not better food options. It is merely impossible to go out to eat and get vegan food without ordering sides, boring salads and picking apart an entree only to have them hold the butter and cheese. With all the fantastic talented chefs around - I don't get it. They haven't tapped into this untouched market. Sure anyone can put together a menu for restaurant with the typical ribs, mashed potatoes, sliders and cheese fries. But who has the balls to make a menu that is meateater and vegan friendly? So everyone can dine together. You either go to a restaurant that is balls to the wall loaded with meat and cheese items or you have to hunt down a vegetarian or vegan restaurant on the other side of town and get the expected lentil loaf and quiona pilaf that makes you want to eat meat!

So I challenge you my friends - the next time your eating out - look to see what options are available for vegans. I bet you will be surprised to find that it's very limited and extremely disappointing. Make sure you mention it to management and hopefully we can start to educate the world of fine dining and fast food drive thru windows that there is another world out there - a world filled with dying individuals who need better food options while dining with friends and running out to pick up a quick lunch.

I find this vegan lifestyle pretty easy to follow because I am a cook and I don't mind fixing something quick to eat. However there are so many people begging to heard.

Snap out of it people - Look around.....America needs some smart and savvy businesses to wake up and smell the coffee.

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