Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meditation - The Master Plan

What tools do you use to assist yourself into a meditative state?  

For me - The view from my window at my future house on the beach...

It's always something has to do with the beach.  Because that is where I want to be someday soon.  Just one look at a palm tree, ocean waves, flamingos or beach bungalow and I'm there in the moment, instantly drawn into oblivion and it's all part of the master plan.

The Master Plan - What is yours?  I have mine.  To be in Key West living and working, enjoying the Island life without leaving the US and savoring the fresh sunshine, seafood, history and exotic ocean.  

And one way to help gravitate this master plan into action is to meditate.  Meditate on a variety of things, self improvement, relationships, career path, gratitude, health, friendships, goals and moving to the beach, living on the beach, cooking healthy for clients who want to learn more about incredible ingredients and living my life's passions. 

So find your inspiration, focus on your goals, watch them start to transpire.


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