Saturday, October 29, 2011

Salted Caramel Apples

Happy Halloween!

Making caramel apples is a tradition at our house for Halloween. We find real sticks, cut off the prickly points and smooth them out, then wash the really well. Instead of popsicle sticks we use real ones along with small lady apples to give it a better presentation.

Now a lot of people use those caramel wrapped pieces to melt down and dunk the apples, but I just love homemade caramel. I've added some Himalayan Pink Salt to bring out the flavor and you will love the combination with apples. I usually sprinkle a little pink salt on my fruit to a hint of flavor.

Make up a batch of this caramel and you will find several uses for it and you can omit the salt if you prefer, but i think it makes it more special.

Salted Caramel Apples

2 Cups Brown Sugar
2 Cups Sugar
2 Cups Corn Syrup
1/2 lb Butter
32 oz Heavy Cream
2 teaspoons Vanilla
2 teaspoons Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine Ground
12 Lady Apples
12 Sticks

In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, add both sugars, syrup, butter and 2 cups of the heavy cream.

Stir and bring to a rolling boil over medium high heat. Once it comes to a rolling boil, add the other 2 cups of heavy cream but do it very slowly. Once you pour some cream and it stop boiling, stop and wait until it comes to a boil again, then add more cream, repeating this process until all of the cream is added.

Cook and stir constantly and keep the bottom moving so it doesn't burn. Bring to 235 degrees using a candy thermometer. Once it reaches 235 degrees, remove from heat and add the vanilla and Himalayan pink salt. Stir to combine and allow it to cool down.

Prepare apples by washing well, drying and adding the stick by skewering it from the top where the core was.

Once the caramel has cooled down, dunk the apples, one by one, by starting with one side slanted and then move it around until you get all the sides covered, then sit the caramel apples on a parchment lined baking sheet to cool completely.

Enjoy my little pretties....


wicky said...

Yummo :)

Cher523nj said...

So does this recipe need 3 or 4 cups of heavy cream?

Stormy said...

Thanks for catching my typo. It should read add the additional 2 cups not (1). I will revise. It's 32oz total which is 4 cups.