Sunday, November 27, 2011

Apache Tears - Grieving Stones

Don’t cry my friend instead seek the healing power of Black Obsidian Stone aka “Apache Tears” a Grief Stone. These stones are very useful, powerful stones that anyone can use. You see, the energy in these stones work within the heart chakra and will assist the emotional body to heal, from old emotional issues. They will bring joy and encourage you to feel more positive about your life. Their energy within the sacral chakra helps to remove any disharmonious energy.

Each gemstone has a purpose and the Apache Tear Drop Stone will bring light that is hidden from the conscious mind. It will dissolve suppressed negative thoughts and patterns and purify them; replacing old negative patterns with new positive attitudes.

Apache Tears are black volcanic glass type crystals (black obsidian) that are small. They are opaque when reflected by the light, but are translucent when held up to the light. Found mostly in Arizona, these stones have been used by many healers.

The positive qualities of these stones are known for bringing good luck to those who carry them and to your business. These stones have strong vibrational energies and they will absorb negativity and cleanse a sacred space.

There is an old saying that one who owns an Apache Tear will never cry again because the Apache woman who grieved and shed their tears for you. The name “Apache Tear” comes from a legend in the 1870’s about the Apaches and the US Cavalry fighting on a mountain overlooking what is now Superior, AZ. The Apaches were facing defeat and were outnumbered, so the Apache Warriors rode their horses off the mountain to their death instead of being killed. When the families heard of the tragedy, their tears turned to stone when they hit the ground.

Since these stones have a superior absorption property, they need to be cleansed periodically by smudging with some sage or leaving them in the light of full moon over night.

This stone is the birthstone of Scorpio and healing stone for all. A great gift for someone you know who is grieving. Something they can carry with them, and put in their hands when they are feeling down.

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