Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healing Power of Crystals

Fantastic Caverns…. Have you ever heard of it? Well when I was a little girl I went to a tour in a Missouri Cave called Fantastic Caverns. It was one of those magical moments in life; you know - when your intuition told tells you that you are there for a reason but at the moment don’t know why. I was so drawn to the experience and marveled by the caves and wondered what purpose those caves served to the universe. I will always hold that moment as a special memory in my heart.

About five years ago I was in Missouri taking care of my ailing father and my son with with me that summer. I decided to take him to the same cave that I had just a magical feeling at and show him a wonder of the world. We took our little tram ride through the dark cold caves and I instantly felt like that little girl who went through the cave for the first time.

When we were done with the tram ride we went through the crystal and mineral store and spent over an hour looking through all of the beautiful crystals and gems. We were so fascinated together and it was a wonderful experience sharing it with my son.

There has always been something about crystals that I have been drawn to; not only are they so beautiful but they have incredible healing properties that most people are not aware of and how to use them. Just recently I was connected with this beautiful soul who has a wonderful crystal healing program where I signed up immediately to become a certified crystal healer.

My fascination with crystals and how the universe provides specific tools for us to use to heal ourselves and create a change in our world has always been dear to my heart. Crystals hold specific properties that resonate with our body and if we learn about how to apply these crystals to work in harmony with our bodies or have a specific intent to manifest a specific objective we can use the power of crystals to help us.

Not only are crystals beautiful for display or jewelry, but they can make a difference in your world. In the next few weeks I will be finalizing my crystal certification and will be providing you with tips and guidance on how to apply the power of healing crystals into your lives.

I hope you come back and join me on my journey…

Many Blessings…


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