Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tito's Vodka ala Chickalina!

There are very few times in life when you try something and go - Wow! That was the first response I had when I tried this new Vodka that is handmade from Austin, Texas. I was on my way to Birmingham for the holidays this past year and stopped at the liquor store. I saw this new vodka in a nice velvet bag and when I read the label I thought I had to try it because it was handmade from Austin. I love handcrafted items and with all the ridiculous fancy vodka bottles to choose from nothing compares to this one. It is the smoothest and best tasting vodka I have ever tasted!

When I pulled out this vodka and gave a taste to my family they all flipped out. We were so smitten with it that they were bummed that it was from Texas and they wouldn't be able to get it in Birmingham.

Then a couple weeks went by and my sister and my aunt went to the liquor store to pick up some stuff for a dinner party they were having and when they walked in they saw this huge display that read "THE BEST VODKA IN THE WORLD!" My sister flipped out and they were screaming and laughing. People were turning around looking at them and my sister purchased a big bottle and made shots for everyone all night. Needless to say, everyone had a great time, a diamond ear ring was lost, a few passed out and everyone woke up the next day....feeling great. That's right, you don't get a hang over from this stuff and I think besides tasting pretty much like water, not waking up with a pounding headache at 3am is the bomb!

Last weekend I was planning a dinner with a friend and decided to make new cocktail with my new found favorite vodka. I just happened to find Ocean Spray's Blueberry Juice and thought it would make a lovely splash with a twist of lime. And guess was - smooth, bright and the perfect chick drink. So I give you a new martini girls - ala Chickalina!

Try it with your girlfriends...You will love it.

Here's a little something to close on tonight...If you could change your fate, would you?

Think about it...what are you doing in life to make a change, a change in a new direction.



wicky said...

Love you Stormy ;)

Stormy said...

Love you too Sister! Wish we were having one of these Chickalina Cocktails together right now! Stormy