Friday, April 18, 2014

Black Hole...

Silence...sometimes its a good thing and sometimes it's not.  Depends on how you feel, what your gut instinct is telling you.  There are moments in life when you know in your core that something is going on with someone and you can't reach them.  You try, but they won't allow you in their world.  Maybe it's too much for them to handle and they can't imagine sharing it with others. 

But something I realized is that when I feel that someone needs me to reach out, I do, and I don't have any issues with letting them know that I feel it for a reason and that I'm there for them.  No matter what.

Sometimes that black hole seems so awfully deep that I want to fall in and find them.  Life hands us challenges everyday and it always shows us truth, new life and path.  Our ego gets in the way of allowing ourselves to move through whatever it is keeping us in that black hole that we lose sight of the light.  That light can come in the form a friend, a stranger or even an animal.  Showing compassion and love when you need it most. Spirit speaks to you IF you listen...

When I was lost in my dark hole I pushed everyone away and it only hurt myself.  I was the one in my own personal prison and I wish that I would have had someone to really grab my hand and show me that there is a better way.  But I didn't have that and I want to tell my friend that whatever your going through, I'm here, waiting to show you that there is love and light in this world and if I have to fall into the black hole and find you in the dark I will and all you need to do is reach out your hand and I'll grab it.

Love and Light in my Heart

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