Sunday, December 5, 2010

Savory Oatmeal

I had a funny thing happen over Thanksgiving weekend when I took the kids down to the local Walgreen's to pick up something to drink. When we were paying for our drinks I was asked by the cashier if I would like to donate to the Childhood Diabetes Foundation and if I did then I could select something off the table they had out front with a variety of baked goods. Now that might have enticed most people and they probably didn't make the connection but I couldn't believe they did that. All the items on the table were overloaded with sugar and it just didn't make any sense to offer sugar laden baked goods in exchange for a donation to help fund the fight against childhood diabetes. I was floored and made the comment to the cashier. She made a big frown to me when I made the comment and then the other cashier burst out laughing. Now I wasn't trying to be funny but merely trying to make a point. I had simply said "Are you kidding me? Don't you understand the reason behind childhood diabetes? Why would you offer a sugar fest of baked goods in exchange?" She didn't know how to answer that question. I had to explain to her that those foods were terrible choices in exchange for donations. She was mad and irritated. I think the baked goods were her idea. Oops.

I believe the reason we have so much of an issue with childhood diabetes is most people don't understand that eating the wrong foods, over processed and full of sugar is the number one reason we have an issue in the first place.

So this post is dedicated to the lady at the Walgreen's. Take your morning oatmeal and make is a savory dish. Think of your oats as any other grain. You can add a variety of sauteed vegetables and herbs. I used up some slow roasted tomatoes I had left over from the previous nights dinner and sauteed up some crimini mushrooms which are actually baby portabellos. I also added some fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil. Try steel cut oats and cook according to the package directions. Make sure to season it with salt and pepper.

A great switch from sugar oatmeal and very satisfying !

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