Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enjoying the Process...

We live in a world of instant gratification - smart phones, skype and downloads.  When making lifestyle changes we want to see instant gratification after a few weeks.  Sometimes we are disappointed that we haven't reached that goal yet.  

When I decided to make some major lifestyle changes I took a few minutes and made a list of all of the things that I wanted to see a change in my life so I could go through the process of enjoying how things were changing.  It's a good exercise to do because when your body and life changes you can go back and remember why you felt the way you did and how you feel when it changes.

What I'm talking about is celebrating the small victories.  Just these past few weeks I've been able to celebrate one or more items off my list.  One of the biggest ones was to get off my heart medication.  I just got the green light from my cardiologist to stop taking both my blood pressure meds and my heart rhythm meds.  Woo Hoo!  That's huge for me.  My blood pressure has normalized my heart rhythm is normalizing and now I have to deal with is the pacemaker implant.  But I'm good with that!

Over the past year, I have transitioned into using only Himalayan Pink Salt in all of my cooking and I carry a little bit with me to use to season food when I'm out at a restaurant.   I have completely stopped using regular table salt and most other salts as well.  Himalayan Pink Salt has 84 trace minerals that if you begin to use this salt consistently it will begin to make positive changes within your body.  I don't live without salt and for me to get off of blood pressure medication and keep eating salt - there's your proof!  

Here's a link to some more information Himalayan Pink Salt.  It's one of my most popular posts.  

Enjoy your food and learn how salt can transform your ingredients by enhancing the flavor.  Who say's eating healthy has to be boring?  I'm living proof that healthy food can be made with a lot of flavor.  Check out my new blog for recipe ideas.  Submit your email address and each time I post a new recipe it will be delivered to your email so you can stay on top of tips and recipe ideas to help transform your life.

So next time you get down because the scale hasn't moved one day, try looking at your list to see if there is something that can get crossed off.  

Small Victories...Now that's something to celebrate!

Enjoying the process is really the most important part of the journey...Stormy

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