Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ready For A Transformation...

It's been 7 years since I felt normal.  I know that's difficult for many of you to understand and I honestly I don't know what feeling really good feels like since I've been searching for relief from my pain that I have been experiencing with my inflammation from my psoriasis and arthritis that I have developed from the psoriasis.  For a long time I wasn't sure what was wrong with me besides the psoriasis.  

Since I started writing my blog and discovering the powers of the universe I had been searching for the truth and wanting to incorporate natural elements to help heal me.  This is where the Twist of Life came from.  My search to regain life and share my journey with others.

Last summer my psoriasis was so severe that I was extremely miserable.  I had been avoiding going to a dermatologist because I knew I would be pumped full of medication that had worst side effects than the healing of the issue.  I had tried several creams and everything I could find to help me and I know there are other people out there with the same issues.  

When I saw the doctor last year he started me with an ointment that worked a little bit.  Then he decided to do a more aggressive treatment and have me give myself shots.   I started doing it in October last year and it didn't help my psoriasis but it did help my inflammation and the pain that was penetrating my body.   However the side effects scared me but I was desperate.  I gave myself shots once a week.  It would help some but I still felt bad. 

These shots eventually started making my hair start to fall out and my face was getting some little bumps on it.  I freaked out and now I have stopped taking my shots.  The first week I was in pain, that is when I started to stop wheat.  The second week it eased up and then the third, even better.  This past week was week four and I don't have any pain.  Wow - I can't tell you how good I felt today.  I noticed it so much more. That makes me exited to see how the next few weeks will be for me.

I believe that I am utilizing as many things as I can to help me.  Using good quality food ingredients from Himalayan Pink Salt as a replacement for all of my salt consumption.  I carry a little bit with me to season my food when I'm not at home.  Cutting salt from my diet wasn't an option, I believe it elevates the flavor of food.  Since switching to Himalayan Pink Sea Sat it has made a major difference in the way I feel.  It's so pure and filled with 84 trace minerals that are healing to the body.  It flavors food like no other salt I've ever used before.  Knowing that is helps lower blood pressure and restore the body from lost minerals only works if it's consumed daily.  

Taking steps to make better choices, cook for myself daily using whole ingredients is the key.  Over the next few months I know I will see big changes in body.  My blood pressure is normal and hasn't been that way in a long time.  I hope to back off my heart medicine and begin to live a more normal drug free life.

I hope that I can help others see that there are other options out there than drugs and frustration.  So far it's working for me and if you are struggling with the same issues or know someone who is, please try these same things I'm doing and let me know if it works for you too.

Many Blessings...Stormy

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