Sunday, July 15, 2012

Powerful Intentions...To create your world

What a powerful statement! Lately I've been noticing that the universe is opening up new opportunities around me that are all aligned with my intention.  I've had so many pieces of the puzzle laying around waiting to fit together.  It's been a process over the past few years.  But it all started to happen in full force just recently because I clearly defined my intention...

One thing that is really incredible is how my life is manifesting opportunities that are fitting into my 5 year plan...I believe that once I decided on what "I" wanted in my life, then the universe is working in the background to bring it to fruition.  It's an exciting time for me.  I can say I feel it...I really feel it!

Another thing that is has been happening is that I'm finding that through discussions with friends and family that a lot of us are stuck in life because we haven't made a decision on what we need to have the life we deserve.  What do we want? I mean really want; in relationships, career, family, personal goals, etc.  These are all the primary needs that feed our lives.  Sometimes we get stuck, we are either scared or comfortable with a situation but it's not really want we desire.  I sure know I was stuck for about 12 years!  We get bogged down with hurt or going through the motions of everyday life that we lose sight of our desires.  

Now that I'm approaching 50, I've really had a come to Jesus meeting with myself.  I'm not getting any younger and I sure don't want to live the next 10 years the way I was living the past 10 years.

Soul searching and looking into my innermost desires has helped me define what I intend to have in my life, through my relationship with my family, my career and where I want to live and be when I grow up. 

What's incredible is once I had the heart to heart with myself and clearly defined my life's passions and intent to live my life, I am seeing the power of the universe work in mysterious ways.  It's truly incredible.  

So if your feeling a little stuck in life and need a boost, maybe it's time to sit down with yourself and ask yourself what you "really" want in life, how could you get it, what could you change to make progress or what do you need to change in your life to make room for the new.  It's a powerful exercise and I highly recommend it.

Try This:

Write down what you wish was different in your life.

Then write down what you know is holding you back.

Now look at what you can do create more room for a postive force of energy to guide the way.

Meditate on it.

Be thankful for what is good in your life.

Wait to see what opportunities present themselves to you to take you on a different path. 

Be open to it and trust your intuition.

Act on it and don't wait.

Just wait...You have to believe to receive my friends...

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