Monday, May 7, 2012

To Jump or Not to Jump...Following Intuition

Ever wonder if you are making the right decision when something out of the ordinary comes your way and you have to decide to jump or not to jump?  I mean, what if you did or what if you didn't?  You really don't know either way - would you?...

Sometimes we think that things come our way for a reason and that we should go with it and it's exactly what is planned for us.  But sometimes things are put in our path to make us appreciate what we have that we were taking for granted.  

When we have a goal or a dream and we are trying to manifest it, we get presented with opportunities that we must decide weather we should go for it or hold off.  

This last month has been interesting to me.  I've endured some unexpected events that have become life changing for me.  These things kind of took my eye off the ball and I was ready to play in the game, but now I have realized that the ball I was focusing on was for a different game.  My game of life.

There are ways to decide weather we should make that jump or wait; and the best way I can describe that is by following your inner intuition.  It's a strong energy force within your soul that will guide in you the right direction every single time.  If you ignore it, you will find out later that you should have followed it.

Intuition is knowing without words and sensing the truth without explanations.  Your body will speak to you and give you the feeling to follow your heart or take the risk.   Or it could be guiding you by giving you thoughts and messages to explore.  Either way, it's important to acknowledge these feelings and understand what is being said to you. 

This past weekend we experienced the Super Moon, when the moon is closer to earth and the power of the moon projects more energy.  If you notice during these times, you will have a stronger sense of guidance.  Certain opportunities will cross your path, you will meet someone new or you will find yourself in a place where you can create more opportunities in your life.  

When you follow your intuition you have energy flowing through you and you are in the FLOW.  The flow is the movement of energy that is the essence of all things.  When you find you are that moment, always remember to follow your inner guidance.  You can't go wrong.

Thanks for stopping by...Stormy

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