Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Full Moon's of August...Bring Power

Take hold of yourself this month, for August in 2012 is the month of POWER.  The full moon rises twice this month providing us with a Blue Moon on August.  The first full moon is August 2nd.  Behold - for the beginning of this month you will experience a shift that is causing quite a stir.

Power can present itself in many ways; health, relationships, career, love, awareness, etc.  For you can give your power away just as you may think you can gain power.  It's also about how to empower yourself, your desires.  

There is a month with two full moons every two to three years.  When this happens it is called a Blue Moon.  The Blue Moon will fall on August 31st, 2012. 

Do you really know what POWER is and how to harness the energy of it?  You have the opportunity to decide if you want to take or give your power away to someone or something.  Your intentions drive this energy to flow where you want it to go.  So I challenge you to think about where you want your energy to flow.

People can also take your power from you.  If you are experiencing negative thoughts or situations with others then be very careful where you direct your energy on the subject.  Examine your life - decide where you want your energy to flow - through a positive place of grow, health, vitality or do you want to go through a negative place such as misery.  

I believe we all have a choice and if you focus on your intentions you will direct energy to flow in the place that you need power.  

This month can be an exciting month for projects.  The opportunity for empowering it is colossal and if you focus your energy in a positive way you will be able to manifest great things.  If you feel your unworthy and you can't see how things can go your way, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  However if you focus your energy on your project with positive influence then you will experience great things.  

Power - To You People


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