Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Intention...Powerful Life Force


What is it anyway and how does it work?  

Intent is a natural force that exists in our universe and when you focus on intention, it will come and make a path for attainment for which you set out to do.  Now it’s not something that you do, but something that exists as an invisible source of energy.

Energy runs through all living things, with purpose and intention is the creative intelligence of life force of everything that exists.

Confused yet?  Stay with me…

Let’s say that it is a field of energy that resides within us.  Research has shown that we have the power to interact with this energy field by using creativity and imagination to activate it.

When things are not going your way or you don’t feel well or you’re a little down in the dumps, then you’re not in line with your intention.  Balance will put you in line with intention to coincide with it.

We have the ability to tap into the power of the energy field also known as universal energy, magic, or cosmic consciousness and harness its incredible miracles. 

Using the power of intention can create the life we desire. 

Once you recognize this wonder, it can be the open door to turn your life around.  As we become conscious of the universe’s powerful energy we can interact with it and manifestation will occur.

Plus you will increase your power and it become effortless.  Awakening awareness within you and creating a conscious connection to the intelligence of the universe.

I can create whatever I put my mind to
I can transform by intention
I can heal through this power

In order to activate it you have to make a decision to create the effect.  At that moment decide and say..  

“This is my Goal - Make it so”

Don't ask - Declare it   

Without this decision it will never manifest.  A decision causes a series of actions to take course and manifest your desire. If you miss this important, significant step – then you will not achieve the goal.

So raise your vibration, feel connected and know instinctively so you allow the power to grow commanding it to communicate with your solar-plexus and it will lead you to your life’s destiny.

What's your intention?


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