Saturday, August 11, 2012

Yes...The Power in a Single Word

"I'll never get out of this place!", "I can't find a way to get there", "I don't have enough money", I can't do that", "I don't have a place to live", "There just isn't any way this will work out for me."

Sound familiar?  Self Doubt? No, not for me.  I know exactly what I want and I am working on my plan to get it.  It's called the power of a simple thing called "YES".  Saying yes to that negative voice in my head each time it starts to call out self doubt.  

I don't say those words, I say things like... "When I move to Key West" "I going to be there in the next 3 years" "I have a plan to live in Key West".  This my vocabulary and learning to use the power of yes when you speak as opposed to no it won't is key to manifesting the powerful energy found in words.

But you also have to have a plan to do it.  You can't just say yes it will happen and not put any energy into making it happen.  So I have devised a plan, I started it 2 years ago and I called it the 5 year plan to get what I want desire.  

Do you have a plan, a call of action to create your world in which you choose to live?  If not, you might want to consider thinking about that, what is it that your negative voice is saying to you that is holding you back?  

No - is Negative

Yes - is Positive

I've had enough negativity in my life that I choose to have positive energy, flow, people, opportunities and experiences grace my presence.

So - the next time you say no...STOP and say Yes.  

Now turn that yes into a plan and see what starts to cross your path.  You will begin to notice things put in your path to help you along the way.  

When these things are presented to you.  Show Gratitude.  

For gratitude will activate the power of yes and it might just be what you been looking for...


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