Sunday, September 12, 2010

Becoming a Vegetarian

This blog was a brain child of someone who loves to eat wonderful food and over the past 10 years my weight and health has been compromised in the process. Four years ago my father suffered a terrible battle with throat cancer and watching the recent stories flooding the airways on Michael Douglas brought back a whale of tears and sadness for him as I know he will be fighting for his life to recover from this terrible sickness.

Recently I was hospitalized for high blood pressure and a rapid heart beat that made me feel like passing out. Although five years ago I experienced a similar episode and was put into intenstive care for a pace maker installation, I still hadn't made the change to a completely healthier lifestyle. It was really crazy to think that someone who had always had a very healthy life developed a heart disease in just a few years. Over the past five years I still didn't do much about making a change to my diet and still consumed meats, alcohol and a variety of high fat and calorie meals. See my problem is that I love food and I don't mean eating, I love all kinds of food, how to cook it, how to combine flavors together, dining with friends, everything that has to do with food, I love. I'm an operations manger for a successful catering and gourmet to go retailer and I am around food 24/7. So going on a diet and depriving myself has been something that I didn't want to experience. I've had enough deprivation through failed relationships and I found comfort in great food. However I didn't realize that I had issues... for lack of a better word, abandonment issues.

So now I need a new lease on life and I have been researching the raw food diet, vegan diets and vegetarian lifestyles for a while now and have been facinated with how food is prepared with raw ingredients and how more and more people are jumping on this food revolution. For some reason I am at a place where I feel the need to make the change, finally. It was strange, it was like a light went off and I decided that eating meat wasn't appealing to me. It's not a political view and I'm not going around saying that I don't eat anyting with eyes, it's just that I don't feel like my body is processing flesh from animals too well. Plus that sounds like of gross when you think about it. So I have slowly vowed to start eliminating animal flesh from my diet. And I have to say, I feel really good, more alert, and a little spring in my step that I haven't had in a long while. I'm staying up later and sleeping really well, which is something I have been fighting for a few years.

Not eating meat is kind of strange for girl whose family owned a meat packing plant. I remember going to the plant with my father while he worked on Saturdays and it was normal to see cows being slaughtered. I grew up on red meat and it wasn't until my parents divorced that I started eating a lot of chicken and processed foods from a box. But now days it's all over the news how organic is better and eating foods more in their whole form is the best way to gain back your health. I recently did some cookbook testing for Carrie Vitt who is putting out a really nice cookbook on organic cooking. It really made me think, how easy it is to transition to more organic ingredients and also shift to more vegetables. So, I am going to go vegetarian for 3o days to see how my body responds and then after that time if I feel that I want to take the plung into the world of a vegan, I will do it. Cutting all dairy such as cheese and yogurt is a little hard for me to process but I have a feeling after these 30 days I just might change my mind.

This blog was intended to be a blog of information about food, how each natural form of food has a specific purpose to nourish our bodies. So I guess now this blog will have a deeper meaning and will speak as a journal on my quest for a better life.
A twist of life....

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